My Philosophy


A Biodynamic Approach to Craniosacral Therapy

In the Biodynamic approach to Craniosacral Therapy we treat the mind, body and spirit.  Gentle techniques are used to release stress and trauma held in the central nervous system and deep within the tissue and muscle.  In BCST we bring the nervous system into a calm and holistic state where the body has an optimal opportunity to resolve injury and illness.  Clients report the effect of feeling deeply relaxed or dreamy during session work.  This deeply relaxed state is where we heal. 

My Reiki Practice Approach

What is the gift of Reiki?  The simplest definition is a "Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing".  If you have ever received Reiki you know that it is this and much more.  It is the Universal and spiritually guided life force energy of which all things are made.  Reiki therapy gently reminds us that the power to heal ourselves and our lives truly lies within each of us.


I invite you to relax and receive this healing energy.  Allow Reiki to transform, balance and bring calm to your being.  I feel grateful and honored to have the privilege of giving and receiving this energy daily.  Practicing Reiki has simply become a joy in my life.  I'd love to share this gift with you.  Let's Reiki Awake!