Client Testimonials and Reviews

Christi has brought me into deep relaxation and profound insight with her reiki practice.  I usually come in frazzled and leave centered and light in spirit.  I'm going through a transitional time in my life and feel supported in body and soul going to Christi.  Her space is beautiful and serene.  She is intuitive and insightful. It's a lovely experience I would recommend to anyone seeking recharging with gentle support and guidance.  Laurie S.

Reiki Awake and Christi are AMAZING!  If you are looking for a soulful experience look no further.  Upon meeting Christi, she immediately creates a sense of calm.  The physical space is well-designed, welcoming, and clean!  I felt rejuvenated, refreshed and my mind was clear for weeks.  Thank you Christi.  Lisa P

Christi brings her wisdom and her intuition to her Reiki practice. Her positive energy radiates around her and her gentle silent touch is like an angel's wing, healing and transforming one's hurt places into centers of new creative energy.  I felt complete trust in her.  Christi asks whether you would like music, incense, a blanket - whatever  makes you feel comfortable.  I highly recommend sessions with her.  She has helped me to recover from the shock of the sudden death of my husband.  She has a innate inner kindness and desire to heal that goes beyond technical skill.  A. Arnold

Christi is wonderful!  Going to Reiki Awake is a good move for anyone in a spiritual practice.  Christi has remarkable ability - you should go.  Rob S.

I love receiving reiki from Christi.  She has a unique ability to hold a warm, heart-centered healing practice while giving reiki.  I feel better energy and less pain after sessions with her.  Julie W.

I have been seeing Christi for a few months now and she is such a gifted healer that possesses the most beautiful spirit and heart.  She has been instrumental in helping me with high stress and deeper rooted  anger and with every session, I feel renewed, lighter and just simply joyous.  I highly recommend Christi and I always look forward to my next session with her.  Terri S.

I just saw Christi yesterday at Reiki Awake and it was the most wonderful experience.  She has such a beautiful soul and gently guides you through your session.  I always leave with more clarity, self compassion and insight than when I go in.  I also slept so much better that night because I was in such a state of relaxation and release.  So happy to have Reiki Awake and Christi in my life!  Meghan K.

Reiki Awake with Christi was my first ever reiki experience.  Christi is this beautiful being, who has a gentle and loving presence however energy flows through her in a strong and powerful way.  I don't know how else to put this but I feel as though through my reiki session she connected me to my God source.  Renee S.